Rick Katz is a veteran Internet marketer having started selling online in 1997. He has successfully created and sold numerous digital products, membership programs, coaching programs and promoted various affiliate and direct sales programs via the Internet. He has coached thousands of HBIMers (Home Based Internet Marketers) over the years, many of whom made their first dollar online working with Rick.

"There was a commercial years ago for a company that portrayed the company
as the go-to one for stock investments. It's tag line was "When E F Hutton
talks, people listen." Fast forward to now and the go-to one for building your
online business, and for a personal mentor who cares more about you making
money than himself is Rick Katz. We have worked with Rick for several years
and have always experienced nothing but integrity, wisdom, vision and
compassion. When Rick Katz talks, we listen, and in doing so, have been
blessed financially through his guidance and passion."

Trisha and Bruce Barnes

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Rick Katz to be the most real world practical and profitable in
my quest for online business success. I wasted a lot of time
and money before I became acquainted with Mr. Katz. Simply put
if you want to make money online Rick Katz is the best choice
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Wesley Arnold